Overview of the Company

Stylo Investments is a specialist ETF/index manager. It’s a member of the Anchor Capital Group. Stylo builds and manages global portfolios for retirement funds, collective investment schemes, institutions and high net-worth individuals.

Stylo is a licensed financial Service Provider (#44599) authorised as a discretionary fund manager.


David Shochot – Chief Executive Officer BSc (Actuarial) FIA CFA  

Stylo was founded by David Shochot. David has more than 20 years’ of actuarial and investment experience. Prior to establishing Stylo, David was co-founder and chief product architect at 10X Investments. Previously David was a Deutsche Bank Equity Analyst and has over the years consulted to many of the large financial services groups in South Africa.

Shawn Paulsen – Operations & Administration BCom BCompt

Shawn joined Stylo Investments in May 2016. Shawn is responsible for the Operations and Administration at Stylo.  He has 18 years of experience in investment advisory, asset management, and business management. Shawn has a BCom degree majoring in Economics and Management as well as an Accounting Science degree having completed his articles with RSM South Africa.

Why Stylo?

We believe we offer our clients a compelling offering:

  • ongoing research into portfolio construction,
  • high levels of transparency,
  • commitment to low fees, and
  • high client service.

Why Global?

South Africans need to spread their investments across the world’s assets, since South Africa only represents a tiny fraction of the world economy and of the world’s investments.

World Stock Market Capitalisation Profile (around $40trn)