Global ETF Manager

ETF evaluation:

We monitor, evaluate, and then select ETFs

Global ETF Manager

Asset allocation:

We build ETF portfolios with different risk-profiles

Global ETF Manager

Unit Trusts:

Get exposure to offshore investments using our unit trusts
Stylo, your low-cost discretionary manager: risk-profiled ETF portfolios
Build your own asset allocation using our pooled asset class portfolios or in a bespoke segregate mandate
Invest in our global unit trusts
Global Equity Returns in $ : Ranked By Region

Investment Features


Set a sensible asset allocation. Over-time it is the assets mix that has been the most important determinant of total returns and risk of a diversified portfolio.

Why are fees so important

By eliminating a 1% annual asset fee, you can increase your investment value by almost 50% after 40 years!

ETF Portfolios

ETFs are diversified, transparent, low-cost and liquid investment funds.

Stylo in a nutshell

We build and manage global portfolios for unit trusts, institutions and high net-worth individuals. What differentiates us, is that we use low-cost, diversified and transparent ETFs as the investment building blocks.

ETF Evaluation

Stylo filters and monitors the thousands of ETFs on offer and selects appropriate ones for each asset class or sub-asset class that maximises efficiency and exposure.
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