19 Jan 2017

We add significant value to you, the adviser

I believe we add significant value to you, the adviser.

  • We evaluate the thousands of  ETFs available and select ones we believe are most appropriate for each asset class or sub-asset class.
  • We then build risk profiled solutions using these ETFs. We have three model portfolios:
    Growth: High Equity (75% equity target)
    Balanced: Medium Equity (50% equity target)
    Conservative: Low Equity (25% equity target)
  • You can now rest assured that your clients are in portfolios that match their risk profile, are well diversified, have low-cost and typically beat the vast majority of comparable actively managed funds

In the year to end December 2016, our model portfolios have beaten over 80% of comparable funds on an after-cost basis.

Source: Morningstar Inc, Stylo Investments, considering the returns of all funds with a comparable asset allocation to the Stylo model portfolio
Past investment returns are not necessarily indicative of future returns.
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