25 Aug 2014

Stylo Investments in a Nutshell

  1. We build and manage global portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions
  2. We spread your money over the world’s assets – comprehensively diversified across the breadth and depth of global markets. Reducing concentration risk to any country, currency or company type.
  3. We set your exposure to equity at a fixed % level based on your specific investment objective and risk appetite. We do not time markets (i.e. get in and out of equities) because the evidence shows that this cannot be done successfully and consistently.
  4. We use exchange traded funds (ETFs), to get exposure to each asset class or sub asset class. We use ETFs managed by the largest index trackers in the world – including Vanguard and BlackRock. We use these funds as they typically beat 70-80% of all the comparable active funds on an after-cost basis.
  5. There are many ETFs tracking an asset class. They may have different investment structures, performance track records and expenses. We evaluate them and then choose an appropriate one.
  6. Our low-fee advantage means that other investment options typically cost three times as much as ours, if not more. A 1% annual asset fee costs nearly 50% of your final investment value over a 40-year period.
  7. Your money is managed in a separate Saxo Bank managed account, in your own name. Your money is held in safe custody with Citigroup.
  8. We have clear, complete and transparent reporting. Clients have constant access to our client portal, and we send you monthly reports.