Partner with Stylo to bring cost-efficient, diversified and transparent investment solutions to your HNWI clients

Risk-Profiled ETF Portfolios to match client needs:

Offshore Investments

Investment Solutions

Suite 1
Multi-asset mandates:

  • Global Low Equity – Cautious
  • Global Balanced
  • Global High Equity – Growth

Single asset class mandates:

  • Global Equity
  • Other Asset Classes

Suite 2
Specialist Mandates:

  • Currency Hedged Mandates USD, GBP, EUR
  • ESG
  • Shariah compliant
  • Bespoke

Accessing the Portfolios

Access via the following platforms using custodian option:
  • Old Mutual International
  • Glacier International

Or direct business with custodian

Pick your custodian
  • Saxo Bank
  • Credo
  • Investec UK

Additional Value Add

  • Support with on-boarding clients
  • Calculators for quantifying cost/benefit of global endowments
  • Monthly client statements using Morningstar reporting modules
  • Customise, co-brand, white-label the client statements and a client portal

You can now rest assured that your clients are in portfolios that match their risk profile, are well diversified, have low-cost and typically beat the vast majority of comparable actively managed funds.